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Mummy-style sleeping bags are a good idea in theory – less room for cold air to seep in, keeping you nice and snuggly.  But the problem with many mummy-style bags is that they allow little if any room for turning or stretching out, leaving you feeling constricted and claustrophobic.  Many side sleepers become so uncomfortable in tight mummy bags that they end up unzipping to be able to sleep, defeating the purpose of an insulating, down-filled bag.  The  Big Agnes Mystic SL is the solution to this frustrating problem.  Not only is the bag lightweight and spacious, but it also offers several unique design features that set it apart from other 15 degree down sleeping bags.

The  Big Agnes Mystic is an 800-fill bag, meaning that it is extremely lightweight and highly compressible, all the while maintaining incredible insulating properties.  At only a little over 2 ½ pounds for the regular-size, you’ll be carrying a lighter load than your hiking buddies.  Worried about rain or morning dew?  Don’t be – the Mystic is made with Big Agnes’ Toray fabric, a unique ultralight ripstop nylon that is coated with DWR to prevent moisture from soaking through the bag.  This fabric’s advanced water repellancy technology will leave you warm and dry all night long.

A common gripe of backpackers is the issues that come with using a sleeping pad under the sleeping bag – not only is it hard to stay on the sleeping pad throughout the night, but the insulation on the bottom of the sleeping bag is wasted, adding additional (and unnecessary) weight.  The Big Agnes Mystic SL circumvents these issues by having an integrated sleeping pad sleeve on the underside of the bag, allowing you to sleep comfortably without sliding off your pad.  Plus, because the pad itself acts as insulation, there is no need to have extra stuffing on the bottom part of the bag.  This feature allows the Mystic to be even more lightweight than its 3-season down counterparts on the market.  Other useful features of the Big Agnes Mystic include a draft collar, zipper tube, and the option to have a left or right zipper – even you Southpaws will love this bag!

And of course, Big Agnes sleeping bags are covered with a lifetime warranty, meaning you can camp, hike, and sleep outdoors with peace of mind that you have invested in a quality product from a reliable and trustworthy company.  As outdoor enthusiasts themselves, the folks at Big Agnes are dedicated to producing great gear with clever names – they name all of their products after local history, places, rivers, and peaks in the area surrounding Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

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