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On a list of the backpacker’s top irritations, morning moisture and dew may not rank at the top but can still be an annoyance, especially in colder climates when waking up damp means waking up cold (and most likely ornery as a bear). However, after a night in the Marmot Helium EQ, you’ll be warm and dry, making you the envy of your camping buddies. The Helium EQ is a premium sleeping bag that not only provides superior levels of warmth and comfort but also offers protection against moisture, making it the perfect bag for those trips to drizzly, damp locales.

The Marmot Helium EQ down sleeping bag is filled with 850-fill goose down, making it both incredibly lightweight and amazingly warm. It packs down to a suprisingly small bundle (about the size of a coffee can) and the regular size weighs in at less than 2 1/2 pounds. However, after unrolling it, you are rewarded with a bag that has a tremendous amount of loft for its class of sleeping bags. The Nautilus 6-baffle hood is designed to provide you with 6 chambers of down around your head, meaning you have better control of the down and can adjust it to fit you comfortably. An insulated draft tube keeps out cold wind, leaving you warm and cozy.

In addition to its insulating properties, the Helium EQ 15 degree bag is also packed with features that target and enhance your comfort. The interior of the bag is both spacious and cozy, meaning that you have plenty of room to breathe without letting cool air in. A velcro-free face muff means no irritating zippers or velcro around your face. The footbox is designed in the classic trapezoidal shape, leaving plenty of room for your feet. Finally, in order to offer a more durable, long-lasting bag, Marmot has designed the Helium EQ with stretch tricot baffles.

You may ask yourself, “What makes this bag different from Marmot’s other sleeping bags?” The Marmot Helium EQ is manufactured with Marmot’s patented MemBrain fabric, which is a waterproof, breathable shell that repels moisture. Caught in a sudden drizzle? No worries – the MemBrain shell will keep you warm and dry and ready for the day ahead. The few extra dollars and extra ounces will be more than worth the benefits it offers to the alpine backpacker trekking through unpredictable climates.

As always, Marmot’s sleeping bags come with a lifetime warranty. Marmot, started in 1974 as a sleeping bag company, continues to make performance, value, and comfort their top priorities. And because their bags are all independently tested, you can trust that you are getting the highest quality sleeping bag for your buck.

You can buy the Marmot Helium EQ sleeping bag at Moosejaw.com.

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