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For the average Alpine backpacker, unpredictable rainstorms and morning moisture are likely just a part of the experience – albeit an annoying part. Waking up slightly damp and therefore more than a little cold may be common for you brave souls, but it doesn’t have to be this way! After a night’s sleep in the Mountain Hardwear Banshee SL sleeping bag, you’ll be amazed at how much more beautiful a sunrise can be when you’re warm and dry. Not only is it designed to keep you incredibly warm and completely dry, but the Banshee offers a range of design features that make it an invaluable addition to your next hiking or camping trip.

The Banshee is designed to be used in moderate winter climates, in temperatures as low as 0 degrees. When it gets that cold, it’s imperative that you have a bag that offers you maximum warmth. The Banshee is filled with premium 800-fill down, which means you get lightweight insulating properties without any extra weight. In fact, this sleeping bag weighs in at only around 3 ½ pounds, making it one of the lighest zero-degree bags. To keep drafts out and warm air in, the Banshee is designed with an ergonomic draft collar and a down-filled face gasket. In addition, the zippers are covered with double draft tubes to prevent cold spots.

Not only is the Banshee is an incredibly warm bag, but it repels moisture like a champ. The patented Mountain Hardwear Conduit SL shell has the AXF Super DWF finish which keeps you five times drier than other bags. Add to that the fact that the exterior of the bag is comprised of welded baffles, not sewn – no needle holes to let tiny bits of moisture in to dampen the down. The zippers are protected by laminated double external flaps that are designed to keep the rain out. You couldn’t ask for a better lightweight, breathable bag that is also waterproof.

Other design features that put the Banshee at the top of its class include two built-in storage pockets and a comfort footbox, which follows the natural shape of the foot. This gives your feet more space while providing the maximum amount of warmth, keeping those little piggies nice and toasty all night long. All in all, the Banshee is truly a remarkable bag for the Alpine outdoor enthusiast – cold, rainy weather stands no chance against this bag!

Mountain Hardwear is a brand you can trust – started by radical thinkers, the company consistently pursues innovative technological advances that will improve their product line. They include detail-oriented design features and sturdy construction into all of their outdoor gear and even sponsor professional athletes, using their feedback to improve their fabrics and equipment. All Mountain Hardwear sleeping bags are backed by a lifetime warranty.

You can buy the Mountain Hardwear Banshee SL sleeping bag at Moosejaw.com.

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