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Mountain Hardwear Ghost Sub Zero Down

Serious climbing junkies know that trips to Annapurna or Denali can be the rush of a lifetime. However, the gear you choose for trips such as these will greatly impact the experience you have. When hunkering down for a good night’s sleep in sub-zero temperatures, it’s important to have a sleeping bag that is made to withstand even the fiercest of winter nights and keep you comfortable and warm. The Mountain Hardwear Ghost SL is designed to keep out the cold, provide you with a spacious and warm interior, and resist the elements, making it the perfect bag for your next Arctic, Himalayan, or Antarctic climbing trip.

When frigid winds threaten your warmth and comfort, you need a bag specifically designed to keep out the cold. The Ghost has a welded-baffle construction and is filled with 800-fill premium down, meaning you get quality insulation without the weight normally associated with sub-zero bags. While it packs down to a mere 10 inches, it lofts up when unpacked to provide weightless, insulating warmth. Plus, it weighs in at less than 5 pounds for the regular size!

Inside, the Mountain Hardwear Ghost sleeping bag is roomy and spacious, allowing moving room for changing clothes and promoting air circulation to keep you from feeling stuffy and confined. The face gasket and six-chamber hood are designed to consistently seal in the warmth and keep out drafts. A comfort footbox, which follows the natural shape of your feet, can be found at the end of the bag. For those of you needing storage space, the Ghost has two small pockets near the collar.

Keeping the cold out and staying warm mean nothing if your bag won’t protect you from the elements. No need to worry about that with this Mountain Hardwear sub zero down sleeping bag. Its covered zippers and double draft tubes will keep out freezing rain, and the bag itself has a uniquely designed Conduit SL shell which resists wind and repels water up to 5 times longer than other bags. Never fear that your Mountain Hardwear Ghost SL sleeping bag will keep you comfy and warm through the cold nights, leaving you rested and ready for the next ultimate climb.

Mountain Hardwear is a brand you can trust – started by radical thinkers, the company consistently pursues innovative technological advances that will improve their product line. They include detail-oriented design features and sturdy construction into all of their outdoor gear and even sponsor professional athletes, using their feedback to improve their fabrics and equipment. All Mountain Hardwear sleeping bags are backed by a lifetime warranty.

You can buy the Mountain Hardwear Ghost SL sleeping bag at Moosejaw.com.

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