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When shopping for a sleeping bag, it’s likely that you’ll be inundated with choices – everything from your basic rectangular shape bag to the top-of-the-line down-filled mummy-style bag with bells and whistles you can’t even pronounce, let alone know if you need them! Extra features can be nice, but they can also add to the overall weight and cost of the bag. For the average recreational alpine climber, it may be difficult to find a great bag that has just what you need (and nothing you don’t). However, you need not look elsewhere; the Mountain Hardwear Spectre SL 20 is a fantastic 3-season bag designed specifically for those outdoor enthusiasts who need warmth and moisture protection in a lightweight, easy-to-carry bag that is durable and dependable.

The Spectre is designed with a 20 degree temperature rating, meaning you can use it most of the year without needing any additional blankets or layers. It is filled with premium 800-fill goose down that lofts up easily to five inches when unrolled. This provides incredible warmth without adding weight to the bag – in fact, this bag weighs right around 3 pounds (less for the regular-sized bag). In addition, you’ll get a consistent, even loft from the 5 inch baffle spacing and the 6-chamber hood design. This is especially important for bags that are frequently rolled and unrolled. Double draft tubes and a down-filled face gasket keep cold air out. Finally, another feature to ensure you stay warm is the ergonomic draft collar, which keeps in warm air and keeps out cold breezes. It is designed in two pieces that seal comfortably around you, and it adjusts easily with two draw cords.

Staying warm is incredibly important for those cold nights in the woods, but the Mountain Hardwear Spectre also offers moisture protection, especially important for damp mornings or unexpected drizzles. Not only does it have laminated double external zipper flaps that keep out water, but this bag boasts Mountain Hardwear’s patented moisture-shedding Conduit SL shell. This unique fabric is breathable, windproof, and waterproof, and it is finished with AXF Super DWR Finish, which keeps you five times drier than standard DWR finishes. A unique design feature of most Mountain Hardwear bags, the Spectre included, is the welded-baffle construction. Since these bags are construction without needles, there are no miniscule holes into which water can seep if you do find yourself in wet conditions.

The Mountain Hardwear Spectre SL 20 is a high-quality bag designed with the most necessary features to keep you warm, dry and comfortable in mild alpine climates. For recreational hikers, it’s vital to have a bag that is both dependable and lightweight – a heavy bag usually takes up more space and makes trekking through the outdoors more of a pain and less of a joy than it should be. For a great bag at a great price, you can’t go wrong with the Spectre – you’ll thank yourself for years to come!

Mountain Hardwear is a brand you can trust – started by radical thinkers, the company consistently pursues innovative technological advances that will improve their product line. They include detail-oriented design features and sturdy construction into all of their outdoor gear and even sponsor professional athletes, using their feedback to improve their fabrics and equipment. All Mountain Hardwear sleeping bags are backed by a lifetime warranty.

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